Step 2: Ad Group Setup

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TrafficForce allows you to create several ad groups for a single campaign which lets you play around with the creative types, the frequency capping and so on. If you want to increase the traffic volume further,  you can simply add another group with different types of ads to this same campaign. Think of your ad group as a mini-campaign for A/B testing or for completely testing another product, ad set and price point in the same main targeting group.

Let’s say you start with pop-under traffic. Then you go on to add banner ads, text ads, videos, push ads. All this packed in the same campaign? Yes, totally possible with TrafficForce! You can simply keep track of it all by naming the groups compared to the ad types you target.

 We find this creates less hassle and lets you have complete control over your bidding for different types of media while maintaining the same targeting in your overall campaign.

 We have broken the process down further for you below to let you see the benefits to Ad Groups inside Campaigns. Of course, you can use this how you wish by only having one group in a campaign and continuing to make multiple campaigns, the system is flexible enough that you can do it both ways.


Step by Step Guide
Specify the name of the group, its budget and frequency capping.


You can control the frequency of display to determine how many times one user will see your ad. Keep in mind that the bid cost will depend on this parameter. The tighter you make your frequency capping, the higher you should bid in order to be competitive. The more views you allow per unique user,  the less you have to bid due to the fact most people prefer to use 1/24 capping for most media types and you will get the later ad views of the user's session.

Typically we quantify quality as less frequency, higher bid. In marketing, after a user has seen your product three times and not clicked, there is less chance that they will click on repetitive views. Of course, this is not always the case but in our experience, this is what we find happens.

Setup the conversions postback

We highly encourage you to use our conversions postback system, Traffic Force is unique in the fact it can automatically optimize your ads based on ROI! If you send back conversion data to us, our system can help you to cut out ad spend to poorly performing ads. For more information on the various conversion tracking we offer, please visit our Conversion Tracking Page

Enable Auto-Optimization

Once your postback is set and ready, you can enable auto optimization to display the banner with the best CTR or the banner with the most conversions (if you’re using conversion tracking). Once you click enabled, there are more options to allow you to choose between CTR and Conversions optimization. This is a unique feature that not many ad networks have, Traffic Force updates its data every 6 hours and the system calculates performance and will weight your ads to send more volume to generate more clicks or more ROI, depending which option you selected.


If you want to transfer information about your conversions and earnings to the source of traffic, you will need these parameters in the next steps.

Choose Placements

You can select RON (Run Of Network) or targetManaged Placements. I would suggest to start with RON and create a whitelist later when you have statistics and know which sources are good for your offers.


Set Bids

When you select multiple channel types in a single group, you have to make sure to set the bid per channel type by clicking on "set bid". It’s easier with an example:
In this example, we are targeting mobile footer 300x250 and mobile pop under Run of Network. As you can see, you select the options on the left-hand panel, the system will move the selected options to the right-hand side which means they are active. Once you do this, you have to click on Set Bid text to make sure you set your bid for each of the two placements, if you do not do this, you will be at the system minimum which is often not going to yield any traffic. After you click on the bid dialogue box, you’ll see a modal pop up with the top 5 bids and your bid highlighted to illustrate your place in the order. Please remember our advice from above to do some data research on bids in bidding information page before you engage bids in a live campaign. If you are ever in doubt, you can contact the Traffic Force team for more advice.


If you select multiple placements in the same group, you have to make sure you’ve specified a valid bid for each placement. To do this, you need to click on a bid and see the hint (picture below):


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