Step 1: Optimizing Ad Placements

Ads are shown on sites (Site Name tag) through the so called Channels.
Channels are specific places on the sites where the placements show. For example “mobile
footer 300x250” or “Site Wide Footer”. In fact, these concepts are interconnected as the Channel
ID parameter transmits the number corresponding to the specific position on the site.
A list of all the macros, including which positions and on which sites they work, is available for
you here:
Take a look, and everything will become much clearer.

The following is an example of how we do optimization here at TrafficForce.
First of all, we look at all the parameters that I receive in the tracker, and notice immediately the
positions that didn’t generate conversions. These are turned off right away, no second guessing.

Here’s how a pop-under traffic performed:


It seems that my offer wasn't a great match for the audience on the dedicated site at all, so
what do I do - disable!

Doing that is super easy! I return to TrafficForce, open the Ad Management section and click on
the campaign name or the “edit” button.


In the ad group management section “Ad groups” I select the desired group, within which to
disable the site.


After you have opened the Group you wish to optimize by channels, you’ll see a tab at the top of
the stats box that says Display Network, click it and all the channels you are targeting will
appear here, you’ll see stats broken down by all the usual options like impressions, clicks,
conversions, ctr and so on, you can easily disable any placements that are not working for you.

The screenshot below will show you how to do it, all you have to do is tick the box on the left
side of the channel you do not want, once you selected all the channels, click the Disable button.
If you wish to re-enable channels again that you disabled, click on the Disabled Channels tab
and do the same thing again only re-enabling them back to live state.


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