Step 3: Optimizing Bids

If you want to increase or decrease the traffic volume, it’s best to increase or decrease the bids.
This is done in “Placements” in the “Settings” section, where I select the channel and specify a
bid for it ( similar to creating a campaign).


All in all, the optimization process in TrafficForce is four steps:
● Targeting
● Creatives
● Website / Channels
● Bids
You can create whitelists inside Traffic Force that you know work for your product and that will
save you some ad spend in testing. In order to make a whitelist, click on the button in the
screenshot above that says Use Whitelist. If you are making a new whitelist for the first time and
wish to save it, you will have to click the other button to save your current configuration as your
new whitelist, give it a name so you can easily identify it in future. You can have as much white
lists as you require.

Here is a detailed explanation that will help you understand the ins and outs of it:

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