Step 1: Campaign Setup

Go to the Ad Managment section and click the “Create campaign” button.


  • Specify the campaign name.
  • Add campaign budget value - this is for total campaign, not daily budget, that is separate.
  • Specify vertical that matches your product - internal marketing feature.
  • Start date - select this option if you do not want your campaign to start right away.
  • End date - select this option if you want your campaign to end on a specific date.


Then continue below with the “Targeting Setting”:


You’ll see all the standard options:

  • Country / Regions / City
  • Languages
  • Schedule - time of day
  • Keywords - only available on some publishers
  • Operating Systems
  • Browsers
  • Devices
  • Carrier
  • Gender
  • Retargeting
  • Connection speed
  • ISP
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