How to set up conversion tracking for my ad campaigns?

The configuration management for Traffic Force conversion tracking is performed at the level of groups of advertising campaigns. Changes to the conversion tracking setup can be on the following pages:

  • Page creation/editing group advertising campaign in the section «Ad Management» -> «Manage Ads»
  • Page creation / editing settings Conversion Tracking «Ad Management» -> «Conversion»

To enable conversion tracking for your campaigns groups you must enable in the «Enable Conversion Tracking».

Next, you need to fill in the following fields:

  • Action Name – the name of your conversions
  • Tracking Purpose – conversion tracking goal
  • Max spent per conversion - the maximum amount of funds that can be spent to achieve conversion to consider conversions successful
  • Earnings per conversion – revenue received from one conversion, used to obtain ROI in your stats
  • Tracking Period - the number of days after the ad click, during which will be monitored by the conversion
  • Max conversions per click - the maximum number of conversions that the system can register on the same click. Default is 1 but if your product allows for multiple conversions you can increase.

Once you complete the required fields and save the changes, you need to get the tracking code for conversion and place it on the landing page of your site. In order to get the code for conversion tracking, visit the following page:

  • «Ad Management» -> «Conversions»
  • For conversion tracking code, press the button «Get Tracking Code». After this dialog to select the desired options for the conversion tracking code and copy the code.mceclip0.pngmceclip1.png
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