Step 2: Setup your website

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Step by Step Guide
You start by navigating to the tab “Advertising” and by going to the sub tab “Manage Sites”, there you click the create button to launch the site creation procedure.

On the create site procedure you follow the following 8 steps:
1 add your site url, this can be or for example if you are adding your mobile website. Most publishers create a separte website for their desktop and mobile website like described as this is the easiest way to mass create the channels, but later on more channels can be added as well.
2 add your website title
3 add your website description
4 select your website category
5 select the website type, this can either be desktop or mobile.
6 select the niche of the website, this can either be straight or gay.
7 select the channels of the tube site, only one type of channels can be mass created.
8 hit the create button to finalize the setup.


Press ok to continue


to grab the ad codes for your website you click on the tube you just created


This takes you to the page “Manage Channels”. As you can see at number 1 the status of your new created channels has been put under review. All new created channels have to be revieuwed and approved first before you can start sending traffic tot hem. Approval can take up to 48hrs.


When you click on the edit button (number 2) you can make changes to the name and description of the website if you feel something was not setup right in the create site prodedure. Another important feature on this edit page is that you can add your personal back-up channel. In case there are no buyers for the ads on your website we can return these impressions to a HTLM-code, you have to add that code here if you would like to use this feature.


Once you are sure all channels are setup correct and they have been activated by an administrator you can start taking the by clicking on “generate code” (number 3). You can either grab a javascript or iFrame code, whatever works best for your website, now you only have to place these tags on your website on the designated locations and you can start sending traffic.


When you started to send some traffic to our system you can see all stats by clicking on the stats sub tab under “Advertising”. We provide a wide selection of filters to offer a detailed insight in the traffic you are sending to us. You can see which countries are performing best for your traffic and work to grow your traffic in those countries.


Legenda for the stats:
Impressions: The impressions sold.
Alternative Impressions: The impressions unsold.
Total Impressions: The total impressions all together.
Clicks: The amount of clicks on your banners, for popunders this is about the same as the impressions.
Sold: The percentage of traffic that is sold.
CTR: The Click Through Rate from advertisers in our network on your banner channels.
Average CPC: The average cost per click for advertisers fort his channel.
Average CPM: The average CPM you receive for the sold impressions.
Earning: The total earnings that will be paid.

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